WebAidSearch Infects Mac -How Can I Remove WebAidSearch? (Solved!)

What Is WebAidSearch?

WebAidSearch is defined as a malicious adware infection, this is because it displays all kinds of commercial pop-up ads to users and messes up their computers. Usually, WebAidSearch adware can be propagated through spam links, free applications and Trojan viruses. Once it successfully invades your system, you will encounter a series of PC problems, for example, it interferes with your web browsing experience, every time you search some beneficial information or watch online videos it always places tons of ads by WebAidSearch on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Microsoft Edge. Moreover, this execrable WebAidSearch can slow your system performance down to a crawl as it consumes lots of network resources and memory space. You have to get rid of it from your machine as soon as possible, otherwise, it will even keep track of your personal activities and then steal your confidential information. You can imagine if your private data is revealed to those unethical hackers, they will use it for marketing or illegal purposes. Therefore, we strongly recommend you not to wait until it’s too late. Carefully follow the step-by-step removal instructions below to eradicate WebAidSearch adware right now, you will regain a clean and safe computer.

WebAidSearch Is Dangerous

1. WebAidSearch modifies your browser settings without your permission
2. WebAidSearch bombards you with endless pop-up ads
3. WebAidSearch slows your computer down to a crawl
4. WebAidSearch corrupts your routine applications
5. WebAidSearch may download other Trojans, worms, malware infections onto your compromised system
6. WebAidSearch may keep trail of your browsing habits and steal your personal information

How to Remove WebAidSearch or related threats from Mac OS?

Step 1 – Disable or Remove suspicious extension related with WebAidSearch or similar threats.



– Choose Safari > Preferences

get rid of WebAidSearch from mac
– On the ‘Extensions’ tab, find out the extension related with adware or hijacker and click Uninstall or Disable

WebAidSearch mac removal


Mozilla Firefox:

– Click the settings button (three horizontal bars) in the top-right corner and then select ‘Add-ons’.

remove WebAidSearch from firefox mac

– Click “Extensions” tab under Add-on Manager page to view the extensions.
– Find the suspicious add-on you want to disable and click its “Disable” button.
– If you want to delete an extension entirely, click “Remove.”

delete WebAidSearch from firefox mac


– Click the setting button “” at the top right of the browser window, choose “More Tools” and choose “Extensions“.

uninstall extension from chrome mac

– Click the “trash can icon” button to remove extension related with WebAidSearch or similar threats

WebAidSearch chrome removal on mac

Step 2 – Uninstall suspicious App related with WebAidSearch or similar threats

– Open Finder at the Dock

uninstall WebAidSearch on mac

– Select Applications and find out suspicious apps related with WebAidSearch , then right click on the app and click Move to Trash:

remove WebAidSearch on mac

– Right click on Trash icon to select Empty Trash

delete WebAidSearch on mac

Important Note – If the guide above does not help you remove WebAidSearch, or an unwanted extension, search engine and unwanted application, it might be caused by potential threats. We recommend downloading Combo Cleaner Antivirus to re-check your Mac and see if it will detect malicious programs or adware.

Combo Cleaner Antivirus is a powerful and popular anti-virus and optimization app designed for Mac OS. It is developed to help Mac users clean, speed up and optimizing Mac machines. With the greats features such as App Uninstaller, Privacy Scanner, Antivirus and Disk Cleaner, you can keep your Mac away from virus and malware attack and avoid online spam and phishing websites and protect your privacy and files well. We recommend running a in-depth scan on your Mac with Combo Cleaner:

1. Click Download button here to download and install Combo Cleaner quickly:

(The below link will open the app’s official website to download Combo Cleaner. Please come back to this page after you download it)

Download Combo Cleaner Antivirus (Mac)

( To understand Combo Cleaner’s policies and practices, please review its EULA, and Privacy Policy. Learn more about Combo Cleaner and its key features. Combo Cleaner’s scanner is free. Once it detects a virus or malware, you’ll need to purchase its full version  to remove the threat.)

(Tips – If there is another anti-malware software running on your Mac, It may block this Combo Cleaner download. In that situation, Please Turn Off that anti-malware software first and come back here to click the Combo Cleaner Download Button again. )

2. Once Combo Cleaner is installed, run a scan and see if it will detect files of WebAidSearch or potential threats for you.

way to uninstall WebAidSearch on mac

3. You can try the app Uninstaller if it some uninstall unwanted and suspicious apps cannot be uninstalled manually:

way to delete WebAidSearch on mac

4. And you can use Antivirus feature to scan your Mac and re-check if there is still any potential threats:

way to eliminate WebAidSearch on mac